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Tower of Dawn

Diploma, ball and a new film

Diploma, ball and a new film

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Oh wow ^^

Now that was a great day, yesterday. At 11 in the morning we received our diploma, making us a bunch of certified rechtspflegers. In the evening we had our diploma ball. Could have been a bit more ball-like, especially in the end, but I couldn't actually care less; celebrating the day with my ex-costudents and some dear friends who came along as well, and , after all that time, doing a few dances with Maren again was more than I needed to be happy.

I think I'll write more when I got some pictures to show you.

Besides that, I just found out about a new movie (trilogy?) that's bound to make me a very very very happy boy...

Highlander - The Source

All your's,

~ Chris
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