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Tower of Dawn

Too damn long

Too damn long

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Hell, it's been to damn long indeed since I last posted an entry here... Almost three montha now. That makes quarter a year now. Way too much time considering that I'm paying for this journal. Way too much time at all, some of you must have thought me gone for good. Well, I ain't.

Can't really say I've been too busy to write here, but probably I was too busy being either worried about my "career", if you already can call it that, or trying to be not worried about it...

Well, today I'm going to go through the last test. Which will determine if I'll start the real job next month. It's a five-hour-lasting kind of an "interview". We'll be up to five students, each of us will be interviewed a total of about 1:45 hours. AFter that we'll get the results immediately so I can tell if I made it this afternoon.

The test ist said to be almost impossible to fail, so I feel quite optimistic today. On the other hand, failing today would make me feel like a complete dumbass. Well, after all I don't plan to fail anyway. But still, I don't like tests. Makes me feel uncomfy, sitting there in a room with people who try to figure how well one works.

Alright, I'll keep you updated! See you all soon!

~ Chris
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