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Tower of Dawn

Kinda backish

Kinda backish

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Well, I guess it's time for a little post here.

I spent most of the last days at home, since my studies are are at a point of waiting now - waiting for the results of the last tests, waitin for holidays, half-heartedly doing little workshops about this and that and so on...

It's a shame that whenever I have much free time, most of you don't seem to... that way it is so easy just to waste loads and loads of time, more than I'll ever have in my life again once I started working. At least I managed to finish some books I've been reading and spent quite some time with my family on the weekends, which is good. The many many many hours I've spent just hanging around, watching TV, listening music and so on could have been more effectively used, I must admit that, but all in all I think it didn't hurt too much at all. It's just sometimes hard to distract myself - to keep me from thinking too much.

I still struggle with lack of motivation and creativity. This old brain here's gettin' rusty. I tried once more to write a bit, but I didn't get very far. A well-known problem of mine, span of attention smaller than that of a newborn kitten.

Well, I'm trying to get back into motion again anyway. I got the whole July off, and I don't want to spend that just hanging around. My room needs some serious tidying too, but that's another well known one, as you all know...

I'll just keep trying.

See you all,

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