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Tower of Dawn

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October 9th, 2006

Hard Day's Work

Hello World!

Good grief, it's really not an easy thing to get used to working eight hours a day. Must seem to you as if I'm whining, but hey, it's the first time for me. And commuting between Hamburg and Hannover doesn't make it easier...

I leave home each morning at about 5:45 a.m. and come back home at 8 p.m.

Work itself is ok, not quite my dream job, buit it's a start. And who am I to complain at all? I see the sunrise every morning looking out the train window, and the way from train station to court leads through the park called "Planten un Bloomen", which is actually the prettiest part of Hamburg I've seen so far. There are lots of squirrels around.

I get squirrels every morning.


~ Chris

October 1st, 2006

Weird news

'lo there...

I'm at Stef's and guess what I just did... I ordered a World of Warcraft account key. I still don't like the game at all, but well, after all I promised to join in for a while. Don't think that I'll ever play that thing seriously.

I'll be heading back to Hannover around 4 p.m., and gotta get up at 4 a.m. tomorrow to catch my train to Hamburg. Will need lotsa sleep before THAT...

See you soon tho,

~ Chris

September 30th, 2006

Oh wow ^^

Now that was a great day, yesterday. At 11 in the morning we received our diploma, making us a bunch of certified rechtspflegers. In the evening we had our diploma ball. Could have been a bit more ball-like, especially in the end, but I couldn't actually care less; celebrating the day with my ex-costudents and some dear friends who came along as well, and , after all that time, doing a few dances with Maren again was more than I needed to be happy.

I think I'll write more when I got some pictures to show you.

Besides that, I just found out about a new movie (trilogy?) that's bound to make me a very very very happy boy...

Highlander - The Source

All your's,

~ Chris

September 27th, 2006

Rock You in Cologne

Hello our there!

I woke up this morning and it still feels weird somehow. I mean, I gonna start work next week. Have I grown up at last? ;-) Hope not!

Now that there's nothing left of the tests and exams, I can also start looking for a new place in Hamburg. I'm still not quite comfortable with the relocation, changes in my life make me nervous in a way... but then again, this one could turn out to have some upsides too...

Well, today I still got my day off which I'm going to spend with my parents. We're going to Cologne, visit that Queen musical We will Rock You. Should be fun there!

Looks like it's time to go, everyone is getting ready to leave. I should get dressed then ;-)

See you all,

~ Chris

September 26th, 2006

Did it!

Hell yeah, I did it! Certified Rechtspfleger! Will get my diploma on friday and start working next wednesday!

Too damn long

Hell, it's been to damn long indeed since I last posted an entry here... Almost three montha now. That makes quarter a year now. Way too much time considering that I'm paying for this journal. Way too much time at all, some of you must have thought me gone for good. Well, I ain't.

Can't really say I've been too busy to write here, but probably I was too busy being either worried about my "career", if you already can call it that, or trying to be not worried about it...

Well, today I'm going to go through the last test. Which will determine if I'll start the real job next month. It's a five-hour-lasting kind of an "interview". We'll be up to five students, each of us will be interviewed a total of about 1:45 hours. AFter that we'll get the results immediately so I can tell if I made it this afternoon.

The test ist said to be almost impossible to fail, so I feel quite optimistic today. On the other hand, failing today would make me feel like a complete dumbass. Well, after all I don't plan to fail anyway. But still, I don't like tests. Makes me feel uncomfy, sitting there in a room with people who try to figure how well one works.

Alright, I'll keep you updated! See you all soon!

~ Chris

June 28th, 2006

(no subject)

I'm back in Hannover and already dropped back into the daily routine. Means, getting up late, drinking coffee all day, little bit of gaming and all that jazz...

I think what I need is some kind of hobby...

Well, one thing after another. I still owe you some lines about that Discworld play I've seen in Braunschweig. These people were really good, some of them native english speakers I suppose; some of their names sounded rather british, and pronounciation was way too excellent.

The adaption for stage was pretty good, even though I missed the inflight scene of Granny Weatherwax doing her spell on the kingdom to move it into the future for fifteen years. But everything else, dialogues, costumes (especially that) and acting were just great. Plus they picked up the running gag of Lord Felmet trying to wash the blood off his hands, a gag that the animated film adaption years ago dropped, sadly.

They'll show it two more times on Thursday and Friday, and I strongly recommend this to every discworld fan out there (as well as to those who aren't). Find dates here, make reservations here. We got our tickets the same evening at the box anyway, though.

Well, I'll go do some more hanging around, I think. I'm almost excited about my lecture on Thurs- and Friday.

~ Chris

June 27th, 2006

A good evening

Well well.

This evening is exactly what I need. I'm hanging around at Stef's, smoking a pipe of licorice and just feeling alright.

We've seen a magnificient theatre adaption of Terry Pratchett's discworld novel Wyrd Sisters by a theatre group of the local university. They've just gotten everything so right, I think I've never seen something so impressive...

I'll try give a better recollection on it tomorrow, since I've already had a few beer and may thus not be able to give an appropriate comment on the play; however, still being under the strong impression of it, I must comment on especially three of the actor's performances: The guy who played Duke Felment and the girls who played Granny Weatherwax and Margrat Garlic. These three deserve more of an applause than I was able to give back there without having my hands falling off.

Anyway, at the moment I'm feeling extremely well. I need more nights like these...

Goodnight all.

~ Chris

June 25th, 2006

Kinda backish

Well, I guess it's time for a little post here.

I spent most of the last days at home, since my studies are are at a point of waiting now - waiting for the results of the last tests, waitin for holidays, half-heartedly doing little workshops about this and that and so on...

It's a shame that whenever I have much free time, most of you don't seem to... that way it is so easy just to waste loads and loads of time, more than I'll ever have in my life again once I started working. At least I managed to finish some books I've been reading and spent quite some time with my family on the weekends, which is good. The many many many hours I've spent just hanging around, watching TV, listening music and so on could have been more effectively used, I must admit that, but all in all I think it didn't hurt too much at all. It's just sometimes hard to distract myself - to keep me from thinking too much.

I still struggle with lack of motivation and creativity. This old brain here's gettin' rusty. I tried once more to write a bit, but I didn't get very far. A well-known problem of mine, span of attention smaller than that of a newborn kitten.

Well, I'm trying to get back into motion again anyway. I got the whole July off, and I don't want to spend that just hanging around. My room needs some serious tidying too, but that's another well known one, as you all know...

I'll just keep trying.

See you all,


June 13th, 2006

I know, it's been some time since you last heard of me, and it might take a little longer until you hear from me again. I always intended to post here during the last weeks, but then delayed myself by gaming, hanging about and all that stuff.

No idea why I sometimes become that lethargic. And why it always takes a critical impact on my life to wake me up.

This time it's no childish fear of not passing some exams. I wanted to tell you of all the fun things I've done during the last two weeks, but that's all unimportant now.

Today, while I was out with my father and my brother to do some little things, my turtle Schleichmichel died.

We simply forgot the poor thing out in the sun, without water or shade. When we returned and wanted to put some water into her cage, we found her dead.

I always used to tell people that she would most likely outlive me.

If she would have had a more caring pet owner, she would have.

I love Schleichmichel. I might not've been the best to show that, and I spent time with her very seldom. I wish now that I'd done that more often.

I've been so ungrateful.

Please forgive me if I don't get to post again anytime too soon, could be that I need some time. Could also be that I start posting like a madman. I don't know.

~ Chris
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