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Tower of Dawn

When you think everything goes well...

When you think everything goes well...

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I know, it's been some time since you last heard of me, and it might take a little longer until you hear from me again. I always intended to post here during the last weeks, but then delayed myself by gaming, hanging about and all that stuff.

No idea why I sometimes become that lethargic. And why it always takes a critical impact on my life to wake me up.

This time it's no childish fear of not passing some exams. I wanted to tell you of all the fun things I've done during the last two weeks, but that's all unimportant now.

Today, while I was out with my father and my brother to do some little things, my turtle Schleichmichel died.

We simply forgot the poor thing out in the sun, without water or shade. When we returned and wanted to put some water into her cage, we found her dead.

I always used to tell people that she would most likely outlive me.

If she would have had a more caring pet owner, she would have.

I love Schleichmichel. I might not've been the best to show that, and I spent time with her very seldom. I wish now that I'd done that more often.

I've been so ungrateful.

Please forgive me if I don't get to post again anytime too soon, could be that I need some time. Could also be that I start posting like a madman. I don't know.

~ Chris
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